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Hello and Welcome to Primary Purpose Family Recovery Center!

At Primary Purpose Family Recovery Center, we provide support for all 12-step recovery programs by providing a safe place for groups to hold meetings in a comfortable, safe, and secure environment while emphasizing individual anonymity.

We invite you to reach out to Primary Purpose Family Recovery Center today to learn more. We would love the opportunity to help you.
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8250 W. 80th Ave, Suite #12  Arvada, CO 80005

(We are at the East side of the complex)

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Recovery with Purpose

At Primary Purpose, our Mission is to provide the community with a welcoming, safe and sober location that supports all 12-step addiction recovery programs in a welcoming, compassionate and supportive environment.  
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The objectives of this mission are accomplished in the following ways: 

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Save lives, one day at a time through the use of facilities, resources and amenities that reflect the values to AA's 12 Steps and 12 Traditions that includes 12 Step meetings, social activities and fellowship 
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Provide members, family and friends, and the community with additional programs (such as Al-Anon), social activities, fellowship and other events to foster positive and productive changes in everyday life.  
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Maintain a positive, compassionate and supportive environment that embraces open, honest communication, and accountability to help our members succeed. 


Offer additional support and assistance such as social activities, fellowship and events that help empower our members to make positive and productive lifestyle changes and achieve sustainable, long-term recovery. 

"Supporting You With Encouragement and Validation"

The Primary Purpose Family Recovery Center’s mission is to help and support all 12-step recovery programs. We provide a place for groups to hold meetings in a comfortable, safe, and secure environment while emphasizing individual anonymity. In between meetings, the facility is often open for one-on-one meetings, socializing, or for anyone who wants a quiet place to contemplate how to recover from their addiction.

Our schedule is posted below and on the front door of the PPFRC at 8250 W 80th Avenue, Suite 12 in Arvada, CO. You are welcome to drop in and attend any meeting that fits your schedule and area of concern. Be sure to pay attention to the designation of open and closed meetings. Meetings identified as closed are reserved for participants who have accepted themselves as being addicted to the affliction that particular meeting addresses. There are members of every group who are ready to help you on your journey. Asking one of them for help is a good next step.

There are many organizations and groups that provide help to people who struggle with addiction. If we do not meet your needs, do not give up on your search. Keep looking and you will find the help you seek.

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By donating, you play a vital role in strengthening our community's resilience and fostering a brighter, healthier future for all its members. Join us in making a positive difference today.
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